Find companies that look like your existing customers

Focus your sales team where they should

Magical Mirror Leads®

Our leads are generated using an advanced AI system to look like the customers you already care about. No complicated sliders and checkboxes or outdated databases. Just give our Wizards some examples and they'll set straight to work.

  • Less Work

    Stop wasting time to manually filter through thousands of search results and start selling instead. Our Wizards reduce the amount of wrong leads with up to 80%!

  • More Sales

    Uncover hidden leads. Our Wizards will search websites, Facebook, Twitter and 100s of other sources to find you new business opportunities.

  • Repeatable

    Our Wizards continuously listen to your feedback to improve the quality of new leads. If you're not happy with a lead just let them know with the click of a button and you get your money back.


Trusted by 100+ companies

How It Works

A Magician never reveals it's secrets...but here's some hints

1. Start

Link your CRM system and our Wizards will analyse your current customers to discover what makes an ideal customer for you.

2. Magic

Our Wizards set out onto the internet and find companies that look like the examples you gave them. No-database needed!

3. Feedback

You give feedback on what leads were and weren't right. Our Wizards learn and award you credits.

4. Repeat

Use credits to order more leads and give more feedback to improve results. Filling your top-of-funnel is that easy!


Integrate with the best tools for the job

We work together with other great tools that will help you go frome prospect to sale in no-time!


Our wizards use your CRM to learn what makes a great customer for you.

Prospecting Tools

Once you know what companies need your product, find the right person to talk to!

Targeted Outreach

Now that you understand your leads you can tailor your pitch and follow up.

Increase sales and stop wasting time

Just give it a go, we'll get you set up with some free recommendations so you can experience the magic!

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